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Who We Are

CON.CO.R.A. is an agency of chauffeurs founded in 1983 which combines six of the largest chauffeur cooperatives in Rome. Our services ensure customers’ comfort and safety. Thanks to our highly specialized staff, regularly enrolled in the Professional Register of the Chamber of Commerce, you can take advantage of a very reliable, discreet and good service as they are all professional, multilingual drivers ready to satisfy your needs.

Our aim is to ensure customers maximum satisfaction and the realization of every wish and need. The Company CON.CO.R.A. offers chauffeurs for transfers to Fiumicino airport, to Ciampino airport, to the port of Civitavecchia, to hotels in the Province of Rome, to embassies or wherever you need to go for your business. CON.CO.R.A. is also specialized in travels all over Italy and in rental for tourism and/or for your ceremonies particularly weddings.

CON.CO.R.A. rents also buses, vans and luxury car without a driver for your needs. However, our motto is "We will take you everywhere."
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